Golf Performance

One of the most common incorrect assumptions that golfers make is:

If I had a better swing, I’d play better

While that may be true to a certain extent for many golfers, it’s possible that some of the mechanical issues affecting a golfer’s swing may be directly related to the quality of their movement. A person’s movement quality tends to diminish over time due to many reasons such as prior injuries, medical conditions, daily postural strains, and a loss of (or lack of) conditioning are just some of the reasons.  

So perhaps a better phrase that most golfers should to consider is:

If I had better movement, I’d play better”

Better movement may mean addressing some restrictions from stiff areas of the body (joints, muscles, connective tissue), or it could mean developing better stability, control, balance, and/or strength in certain areas that may be lacking it. 

It’s almost universal in the game of golf – most golfers want to hit the ball further, many want to hit it straighter, and nearly all golfers would like to play more often. However, most golfers may not realize that the limitations and imbalances in their bodies can play a major role in how they perform and how they feel when golfing. Worse yet, these issues may be causing painful problems that limit or prevent them from playing as often as they’d like to.

At Motus Performance, we use the system that most professional golfers use to identify and correct potential limitations and imbalances in how their bodies move. This system was developed by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) over 15 years ago. The TPI system is designed for fitness professionals, medical professionals, and golf instruction professionals to assess the golfer they’re working with in order to minimize risk, eliminate problems, and enhance performance. This system is focused on helping the golfer MOVE BETTER, which creates a better situation for them to PLAY BETTER.

Chip Coleman is a TPI-Fitness Level 2 practitioner, one of only 2 in Tucson. Kevin Fay, PT is TPI-Medical Level 3, the only medical practitioner in Tucson who’s achieved the Level 2 or Level 3 designation. Chip and Kevin have been using the principles and methodology of the TPI system to help the golfers they have worked with for many years.

As you can tell, we have a passion for working with golfers!

We’d encourage you to give us a call 520-499-2240 or email either of us ( or to discuss your fitness and golf performance goals and to ask us any questions you may have so that you can get a better idea if Motus would be the right fit for you.