Every golfer wants to hit the ball farther and straighter more often. Unfortunately, most golfers don’t address the biggest issue that is limiting their performance – body movement.

At Motus Performance, we combine our 40+ years of experience and advanced-level qualifications with the Titleist Performance Institute’s golf performance system to give you access to the same science-based player conditioning that has helped 18 of the last 20 Major Champions and 25 of the top 30 players in the world play at their best. This approach is designed to help the golfer MOVE BETTER and, as a result, PLAY BETTER.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our interactive screening will measure your body's current baseline strength, power, mobility and cardio, allowing us to develop a customized, tactical approach to improving your body's performance on and off the course.

Swing Analysis

We'll be able to see how certain swing characteristics are related to undesirable physical qualities such as instability, a lack of mobility, or muscular weakness and respond proactively by comparing your swing characteristics to the most common swing qualities TPI has discovered in the world's top players.

Track Your Progress

Track your training history, performance gains, nutrition and sleep patterns, and communicate directly with your personal trainer in our mobile app.


The trainers at Motus Performance are some of the most
credentialed and experienced in the industry.

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